• Do you know what gets people excited to click on your links?
  • Do you know how to get in your subscribers INBOX?
  • Do you know how to get people to INTERACT and ENGAGED, to allow you to get better OPEN RATES?

Chances are that if you are not a sales copy writer, you aren't getting good results from e-mailing your subscribers, would you agree?

... And if you are good at writing, sometimes your time is better spent on working on your traffic instead of taking the time to write e-mail messages...

What ever your reasons are for being on this page right now, we can save you time and effort by providing you with e-mail swipes that will get you OPENS and CLICKS...

Have you ever sat down to create some content and found yourself staring at a white screen with a blinking curser 30 minutes later?

… and even when the words do come, you know they could be a lot better.

It can be overwhelming.

Have you ever split-tested swipes?

If so, you know how long it can take before seeing results.

Let's not forget all the money you are spending on traffic to test everything...

The worse thing you can do to your business is push back your daily chores to "Tomorrow"...

But I understand that many people reading this have a full-time job and don't always have time to write swipes each day...

And this is why many end-up failing...

Because you need to be CONSTANT in your work to PROGRESS as a marketer...

It's like any other business after-all...

But there are solutions as you will soon discover...

Depending what your AIM is for the e-mail you want to send-out, there are various ways to structure your messages, to get ENGAGEMENT or CLICKS...

In both cases, the e-mails aren't written the same way...


These swipes should always be educational and designed to get your subscribers to INTERACT with you, allowing them to "Whitelist" you... these e-mails most often are medium-long sized messages...

Writing to get: MORE CLICKS

These swipes should always be short and to the point, designed to get people to OPEN And CLICK your offers and links... In these swipes, we don't educate, we focus on getting "the click"... and this is what generates SALES...

  • How will you get people excited to click on your links?
  • What will you do to write sales copy EVERY DAY that CONVERTS?
  • How will you get people to ENGAGE to allow you to get better OPEN RATES?
  • How will you avoid landing in your subscribers SPAM box?

If you don't know the answers to that or simply don't have time to write your own e-mail messages, then you'll love what I'm about to offer you...

Hi, my name is Michel Sirois with my long-time secret business partner Rob Reece and if you don't know us by now, you will soon discover it.

Rob and I have been traffic providers for many years and our reputation speaks for itself for the thousands of people we served, who know us through traffic purchases...

And to achieve results like that, a traffic seller needs to excel at sales copywriting.

Clearly, we know how to write copy that converts...

Just look at the CLICKS v.s. PROFITS below... (Real earnings, provided by Michel Sirois)

If you're not getting a 'VISITOR VALUE' (EPC) and 'TOTAL REVENUE' (Profits) like this... then keep reading... Our swipes will be useful for you!

Through the process of building our online businesses, we had to figure-out what makes people tic... you know, get them excited...

And as marketers, our job is to get people to CLICK & BUY, right?

We wouldn't have know this success if we didn't know how to write e-mail swipes that did just that...

But we're also lazy as 'F'...

So we figured a way to make GENERIC swipes, that can be used on ANY 'Make Money' offer you want to promote...

Whether it's to promote CPA's, Biz Ops, MLM, Software, Plugins... you can use our e-mail swipes for that... And much more...

I am super stoked to see how easy it is to run e-mail campaigns with your swipe pack. No matter what I promote, I get sales every day! Thank you so much - Andy Kho


This Is A LIMITED Offer...

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  • CPA Marketers
  • E-Mail Marketers
  • Product Creators
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Solo Ads Sellers
  • Funnel Clicks Sellers
  • Click Bankers
  • Bloggers
  • Launch Products
  • Promote Affiliate Offers
  • Build A Brand
  • Build Report
  • And Much More
  • Pretty much anyone who wants to build traffic, inbox more, increase their daily click count and overall profits!


  • Do anything you want with this package: Use it for your own marketing, sell it the price you want and keep 100% of the profits, give it away, teach, heck even maybe making yourself a little affiliate program to get free traffic, the sky is the limit...

Real World Value Of $197 - $0

We could have decided to SELL the PLR license for an EXTRA $197 as a "One Time Offer", but instead, we decided to provide you TOP VALUE, by GIVING IT TO YOU FOR FREE!!!

This means that by getting your swipes pack today, you will be able to use them for yourself and if you want, you can sell the whole package, at the price you want... and YOU get to keep 100% of the profits...

Heck, you can even use your swipe pack to have your own little affiliate program and get free traffic if you want, the sky is the limit!

With this White Label license, you get to choose the price you want to sell it...

This means  you only need to make 1 sale to recuperate your investment...

This BONUS on it's own is worth more than I'm asking today, I'm sure you get that by now...

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But you need to act now because these bonuses won't be these next time around, I know you get it...

  • You get 'Grab My MMO Swipes' Volume 1
  • Includes PLR License: Word Docs to re-brand it fully and take ownership, as if you made it yourself
  • Includes complete PLR license: Graphics, sales copy and much more

Real World Value Of $97 - $0

• Can claim full authorship with no attribution
• Can add your branding, colors, logo and name
• Can be taken apart, added to, or sold as is
• Can be edited completely and renamed
• Can be sold
• Can be packaged with other products
• Can be offered as a bonus
• Can be used in physical products
• Can be used in audio and video
• Can be used in workshops and webinars
• Can be added to your membership site
• Can keep 100% of the sales

Real World Value Of $197 - $0

Plus, As An Added Bonus, I Will Disclose Private Information That Will Allow You To Fly Under The Radar With Your: Autoresponders, Social Media, Video Platforms And More...

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  • BONUS #1: Grab My MMO Swipes Volume 2 - White Label License - Value: $197
  • BONUS #2: Grab My MMO Swipes Volume 1 - Value: $97
  • BONUS #3: Grab My MMO Swipes Volume 1 - PLR License - Value: $197
  • BONUS #4: How To Get Free Traffic By Just Using Google Docs: $297

Total Real World Value Of $885

If you were to hire a sales copy writer today to write 125 e-mail swipes of this high quality, you would pay a MINIMUM of $10.00 per swipe... and you know I'm not even exaggerating...

Needless to tell you that most people  don't have the budget to pay $1,250 for 125 swipes...

And this is why we're offering you this amazing swipe pack today...

You have all the types of swipes you need to build a complete online business either as an affiliate or a product creator. This reaches everyone, including you!

And today, you get our personal swipes for a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of the real price...

Many marketers keep re-using their swipes when they know they convert.

And to make them look a bit different, you can tweak them as time goes by...

A good trick for that is to just switch the headlines!

This means you can re-hash your top converting swipes over and over, to rake-in those fat commissions you want, over and over...

But Here's The Thing...

Because these swipes are actually our own, for funnels that we've just started and currently using, I don't want too many people using them.

With that said, we are only releasing this special offer to the first 100 clients who grab it today...

Once we reach our quota, this special price will self-destruct and you will need to pay at least $97 to get it.

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1. Is your swipes pack & white label license for anyone?

Yes, our swipes are as good for beginners, intermediate and pros who are not IN-BOXING or want to get MORE clicks from e-mail marketing - To get best results our swipes can be applied to any business that is collecting leads in the 'Make Money Online, Biz Ops, MLM, plugins, blogging...' niches.

2. How do you know it will work for me?

Because our swipes are EVERGREEN and we are using them ourselves and getting results like clockwork.

3. How many swipes are in this package?

A total of 125 e-mail swipes made to get you 'opens, clicks, sales', that you can use for any 'make money' types of offers and much more.

4. Do you offer a refund guarantee?

No. The reason is that you either know if you need swipes or not. Also we included a PLR license that cannot be revoked. Therefore, no refunds are possible.

5. How long will it take for me to see results?

As soon as you start using them.

It will work through your EXISTING list and also when you send fresh traffic to your list, you will see results INSTANTLY… if your e-mail follow-ups are good of coarse... Unfortunately, I don’t have any control on what you send your audience.

6. How do I get instant access?

By clicking the button below right now...

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P.S. Remember that as a marketer, your job is not to write sales copy that may or may not convert. By now, you know that as a marketer, your main focus should be on driving traffic and getting high conversions and this is why we made this swipe pack available for you today!

P.P.S. Use our 'EVERGREEN' swipes now, copy/paste them in your autoresponder and let the automation do the rest for you, for any 'Make Money' related offer you promote...

Warning, this is a dime-sell. If you wait, the price will go up. Get the best value, for the lowest price right now!

See you on the inside,
Michel Sirois & Rob Reece


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